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Welcome to Flyer Public Relations

Student-run public relations firm at the University of Dayton

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About Flyer PR

At Flyer Public Relations, we are dedicated to launching young communication professionals and supporting the PR goals and objectives of our clients. Our mission is to help clients achieve their most ambitious visions and communication objectives by providing strategic counsel and creative solutions while bettering the community and launching young communication professionals.

Our vision is to be the most forefront student-run firm among college campuses and the most renowned firm in the Dayton area by helping on-campus, city-wide and national organizations to further their missions.

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Our Values


Flyer PR embodies integrity in its members, in its work, and in its relationships with fellow members, partners, clients, and the community. Every member of this firm will respect the dignity of all people, live in solidarity, and work to better the common good.


Flyer PR curates its strategies and solutions to the unique missions and goals of each client.


Flyer PR respects the privacy and missions of its clients and will uphold all standards outlined in contracts. Members honestly and accurately record hours and clients are given fair and honest estimates. All work is done to the best of each member’s abilities and is peer reviewed and edited by firm faculty advisors.


Flyer PR is dedicated to learning and adopting new skills. This is not a barrier to producing quality work for clients, as members are expected and go to great extents to ensure their work meets and exceeds industry standards. This includes getting feedback from peers, faculty advisors, career professionals, and utilizing all resources at their disposal.


Students at Flyer PR are excited by challenges and take on new tasks with spirit and a “can-do” attitude. While some things may be unfamiliar or require the member to step out of their comfort zone, Flyer PR members approach these situations with creativity, perseverance and resilience.

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